folding paper stars

Image and Text

picture taken by me


I was introduced to folding paper stars at the young age of seven. I remember my aunt teaching me over dim sum at a restaurant in Richmond. That hobby was soon forgotten as I ran out of my first set of folding paper but the way to fold these paper stars remained hidden in my memories.

A few years ago I got back into folding these stars and it became a hobby of mine. I bought a jar of folding stars and placed the finished pieces into a plastic container. My mom scolded me, telling me that I was wasting my money on multi-coloured paper. However, I kept buying more paper and even bought glass jars to house these new creations.

Displayed on top of my desk, these jars filled with colourful origami mean more than just the actions of fold, shape, repeat.

Folding stars were therapeutic. They were a way to let my thoughts fly while being productive and seeing beautiful results. Accompanied with the soothing melodies of my favourite tunes, these stars helped me throughout my years of highschool.

This habit soon died out when I started off in university. Filled with new people and opportunities, I no longer needed the accompaniment of paper stars in order to get along through my daily experiences life had to offer. There are still days where I like to fold paper stars when I need a break from the outside world, but for now my jars quietly fill up.

The paper stars I see atop of my desk still remain precious to me. Each fold, each star, holds a different memory that cannot be repeated. I like to hold these memories inside my heart and these stars are a reflection of that, held inside this jar.


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